Corporate Dispute

Are you the one whose salary is being blocked or unpaid by your employer? Or Are you the one who lost job due to illegal termination of service?

Dispute at Workplace
In order to briefly analyze the disputes between the personnel of the organization, it is pivotal to hire an advocate service. Rationalizing the contention between the essential pillars of the company and procuring a legal solution for adverse situations is what we are adept in doing. We handle employment law disputes, salary blockage, contractual obligations, fraud practices etc. no matter the nature of the problem you’re facing we can be of your considerate aid in all types. We are involved in dealing with matters like sexual harassment at work place and terminations of services as well. Every person for once is subjected to such mental torture in some way or the other by not fulfilling the social and psychological needs. With us you can work in eliminating such conditions which hamper your mental state. You can reach out to us in case you’re a victim of any such unethical conduct.

Consultation & Registration
If you’re perplexed on the type of company that would be most suitable to you depending upon your investment, we can help you choose the best option. In addition, we provide support for company registration procedure as well. Put a full stop to perplexity caused by the identification of the perfect type of company be it Limited Liability, Private Limited or Public Limited company. Seek expert advice in issues concerning the selection of company type. Competent suggestions based on the mode of investment and the risk factors involved with selecting certain company type can be elucidated clearly to you. Putting base on the company share capital and investment brought, analyses will be done and presented with context to the best company to start with.

If you need any help for registration of your business, you can reach out to us.

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